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The southern part of strasbourg Tunisia belongs to sub-continental field of Saharan platform, where the oral sedimentation rate is low to null in some inscription localities of the vast stable platform ( Burollet, 1956 concours ; Bishop, 1975 ; Ben Ferjani., 1990 ; Negra, 1994 ; Chaabani.
4 and 6 ).
The overlapping folds, which characterize the southern Atlas chains result from dextral strike-slip motion trending near E-W at the level concours of the basement.
manar Dercourt., 1985 ; Bouillin, 1986 ; Frizon de Lamotte., 2009 ).Triassic structuring seems tunis to be inherited from the Paleozoic.The tectonic polyphasage in North Africa domains presents one of the most discussed subjects from an hippique area to another.An extensional tectonic event was consequently generated during argent the beginning of Mesozoic tunis times, recorded in the African and European margins.Except the upper concours Permian marine deposits of the Tebaga, the Precambrian and Paleozoic are recognized, in southern Tunisia by deep petroleum wells ( Fig.Interaction of folding and salt diapirism accentuates overthrusting along strike-slip faults.The highlighted structures indicate irregularity of the tectonic and sedimentary mode in Tunisia.( Biju-Duval, 1980 ; Dercourt., 19 ).Tectonic deformations have induced halokinesis along master inherited faults.The strike-slip faults delimited the asymmetric tectonic blocks and differently moved during the geological history. Mechanisms of veste the concours opening are accompanied by thick sedimentary sequences and homme probably volcanic in subsiding grabens with installation of progradational systems tracts of Early to Middle Triassic sandy-clay and carbonate sequences.
This evolution resulted in the development of varied paleogeographic fields, in relation with the Tethyan and Atlantic movements.
7 ) and saliferous tectonics.
The Paleogene represented homme by clays, carbonates and evaporites is identified in the Gafsa-Metlaoui phosphate basin ( Sassi, 1974 ; Chaabani, 1995 showing varied thicknesses.
concour The eastern end of this fold belt is affected by several faults; the most significant one is that of Bir Oum Ali.Basin structuring and sedimentary lapout of the Triassic have been described in Algerian outcrops ( Bouillin, 1977 ; Vila, l980 homme ; Obert, l984, 1986 ; Kazi Tani, 1986).We think that it is the result of a combination of a cover tectonic style and deep basement movements.The geodynamic aspects at the Mediterranean scale are the origin of the tectonic mechanisms responsible for the structural resultat evolution of the study area during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods.In spite of the local tectonic history, eustatism homme has concours marked Saharan craton, inscription in particular during the great falls of sea level.In Tunisia the Jurassic rarely outcrops and is classically represented by three carbonated members of the Nara Formation ( Burollet, 1956 ; Soussi, 2002 ) ( Fig.These chains concours homme consist of overlapping folds poured to the South and separated by synclines filled with Neogene and Quaternary deposits ( Fig.(2) During the Cenozoic times, blocks located on both penitentiaire sides of the Mediterranean Basin converge, involving compressional phases, which induced formation of the European alpine chains and the Maghrebides ( Bouillin, 1977, 1986 ).

Deposition in the Saharan intra-cratonic and marginal tunis basin suggests effect of the Chotts faults related to the regional geodynamic evolution of the peri-tethyan platforms in North Africa.
In the Atlassic domain, the marine environment continued at least until the end of the Eocene.