The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal was definitely an outlier in quiz marketing.
Im going to quiz break personalization down into three sections.Click here if you would like to learn more about how concours marketers can advertise to you based on the concours questions you answer in a sans quiz.In 2018, The Guardian published an article ascor about how Cambridge Analytica accessed this concours data and used it to influence the American elections in 2016.Dans les plus de artistique lapplication, on note : la possibilité de demander au gens daimer la page pour participer, danalyser les résultats en direct, de visualiser les graphiques et de les exporter vers Excel.La guideline de Facebook explique très simplement comment créer un sondage dans quiz un groupe.And if youre facebook a business owner, how can you ethically quiz leverage quizzes to grow your business?Pour la marque, le sondage a une vraie valeur ajoutée sil se rapporte aux produits ou services quelle commercialise, sur le mode Lequel préférez-vous?Conclusion and How to Protect Yourself In this article, I shared with you 5 different ways businesses are using quizzes to capture and monetize your data.But if youre a business looking to grow and want to use quizzes as quiz part of your strategy, where do you start?While its brought much more focus on Facebook quizzes, it has hopefully helped to educate you about your privacy and not scared you from using Facebook quizzes or the internet in general. Dans la concours colonne de gauche, depuis la page, aller concours sur Groupes, choisir Créer un groupe ou Associer annales votre groupe.
Vos fans doivent répondre correctement aux questions.
For example, Dr Tami is a hormone doctor concours who advertised this concours hormone quiz on Facebook: At the application end of the quiz after visitors gave annales their secrétaire contact information, they were provided personalized recommendations on how to annulation improve their hormones.
So for example if you took a real estate quiz and answered a question saying that you were looking for a home worth between 200,000 250,000, even without providing your contact information, marketers can create a custom audience targeting you based on that specific answer.Finally on the next page they see their personalized result and possibly auxiliaire an offer to buy a product.When thats the case, businesses need to qualify their visitors and leads so they dont waste expensive resources doing that manually.To view the full case study, click the image below: Integrative Healthcare Here are some additional examples of other businesses using a quiz with Facebook ads to capture leads: Goth Rider Hail Financial Now that weve covered some of the more straightforward reasons marketers use.If you look at their homepage below, their whole strategy to capture leads and qualify their visitors is built around a series of quizzes.So the question this secrétaire article sets out to answer is; Is your data safe from Facebook quizzes?

Lets take a look at their facebook Debt Relief quiz.
We think that provides us a uniquely qualified lens to educate you on Facebook quizzes, how to protect yourself and learn how marketers are capturing your data and leveraging that information to grow their businesses.
Plus élaboré, à base de questionnaires et multi-profils, le quiz permet de mieux cerner les centres dintérêt des fans, leur personnalité et leurs connaissances.