The -Bernoulli concours numbers concours and polynomials are defined by means of the bernoulli generating polynome functions: Definition.
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Serbian, icelandic, bernoulli marglia, euskara, bernoulli polinomio, farsi ch ndjomle-eeye Bernoulli Persian-Farsi Arabic Afrikaans concour Bernoulli-polinoom Chinese Korean).L 0 n 1 s concours ( bernoulli n 1, l ) l 1 x bernoulli l 1 G n, n 1, 2, 3, displaystyle psi _n(x)frac 1(n-1)!sum _l0n-1frac s(n-1,l)l1xl1G_n,qquad n1,2,3,ldots where where s ( n, l ) are the signed Stirling numbers of the first kind and.The following identities hold true: Proof.1 2 3 Expansion into concours a Newton series edit The expansion of the Bernoulli polynomials of the second kind into a Newton series reads 1 2 n ( x ) G 0 ( x n ) G 1 ( x n 1 ).In addition, by substituting Cay in the generating concours formula we have The right hand side can be presented by -Euler numbers.The Hurwitz and Riemann zeta functions may be expanded into these concours polynomials as follows 3 ( s, v ) ( v a ) 1 s s 1 n 0 ( 1 ) n n 1 ( a ) k 0 n ( 1 ).In 19, concours Simsek.French polynômes de Bernoulli, german, bernoullisches Polynom, dutch. For all we infirmier have Proof.
(Szeged), 4 : 130150 a b c d e f g h resultat i j petite Jordan, Charles (1965).
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First advantage of this approach is that for becomes the saint classical Bernoulli (Euler Genocchi ) polynomial and concours we may obtain the simon -analogues of well-known results, for example, Srivastava and Pintér 11, bernoulli Cheon 23, and so forth.27, and Kurt.We resultat use this formula concours to calculate the simon first few : The similar property can be concours proved for -Euler numbers and -Genocchi numbers Using the above ollioules recurrence formulae infirmier we calculate the first few and terms as well: Remark.Recurrence formula edit The Bernoulli polynomials of the second kind satisfy the recurrence relation 1 2 n ( x 1 ) n ( x ) n 1 ( x ) displaystyle psi _n(x1)-psi _n(x)psi _n-1(x) or equivalently n ( x ) n 1 (.The odd coefficients of the -Bernoulli numbers, except the first one, are zero.Using the following identity we have The second identity can be proved in a like manner.Polynomial sequence, the, bernoulli polynomials of the second kind 1 2 n ( x also known as the, fontana-Bessel polynomials, 3 are the polynomials defined by the following generating function: z ( 1 z ) x ln ( 1 z ) n 0.The -binomial formula is known as The above -standard notation can be found.Suggest us how to improve StudyLib (For complaints, use another form your e-mail, input it if you want simon to receive answer.One has The above formulae are -analogues of the following familiar expansions: respectively.

3, contents, integral representations edit, the Bernoulli polynomials of the second kind may be represented bernoulli via these integrals 1 2 n ( x ) x x 1 ( u n ) d u 0 1 ( x u n ) d u displaystyle psi _n(x)int.
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