On 3 October, concours Biddle exited Chesapeake Bay and concours embarked upon the concours third Mediterranean deployment of her career.
On 13 November, the warship cleared Vietnamese concours waters.
Following that mission, she resumed her schedule concours of 6th Fleet operations and concours port visits.
Between 8 and 10 September, the warship joined in the unsuccessful search for concours survivors from a TWA Boeing 707 that had crashed in the Ionian Sea.The cruiser was decommissioned concours and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on concours 30 November 1993 and sold for scrap to Metro Marine Corporation of Philadelphia on 4 éducateur December 2000.On, Biddle got underway for Bayonne, New Jersey, where she arrived concours on the 17 March.On 11 July, she stood out of Norfolk on her way to join gestion the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea.She was involved in the.Biddle arrived home to much fanfare at Norfolk, concours Virginia on Armed Forces Day, May 1986.The 5th patrol off Libya now included Operation El Dorado Canyon, the aerial attacks on Tripoli and terrorist camps near Benghazi.The only event of note occurred near the end of the month concours when she rescued several North Vietnamese fishermen adrift in their concours boat. personal account Biddle secrétaire remained at comment Naples until 5 September infirmiere 1974 at which time she resumed operations the concours eastern Mediterranean.
On 3 September, the guided-missile cruiser infirmiere departed Norfolk and headed for the waters of northern coupe Europe and the Baltic Sea.
Biddle 's sojourn at Norfolk lasted until 28 March when she put to sea, bound for the Caribbean.
After a series of amphibious exercises in Norwegian waters, the warship visited Copenhagen, Denmark, from 2528 September.
On the latter day, she departed Copenhagen for a further series of multi-national exercises in the Baltic Sea.
Biddle completed the availability on concours 30 October and got underway for her new home port.
She entered the zone on 15 May and, the following day, relieved the destroyer Sterett on the northern Search and Rescue (SAR) station.The guided-missile frigate departed Hong Kong on 4 November, made a fuel stop at Subic Bay, and then headed back to Vietnam.She arrived in Scapa Flow, the British naval base in the Orkney Islands located north of Scotland, on 14 September.Yorktown, Virginia to, boston, Massachusetts.On 8 June, the warship embarked upon another deployment to the 6th Fleet.There were no serious injuries to the crew.She stopped at Subic Bay from 15 to 18 November and then embarked on the long voyage home.January 1981 found Biddle conducting post-overhaul shakedown.The overhaul lasted more than a year, taking up the remainder of 1979 and apparently all of 1980.During those operations, she visited not only waters of the western Atlantic publique concours but also those of the West Indies and the Caribbean Sea.On, Biddle and her colleagues headed back to the contingency fonction force off Lebanon.

On 24 April, the guided-missile cruiser left the drydock and, after some tests, headed south to Norfolk.
The warship drove off the remaining attackers and concours suffered no damage herself.
She arrived back in Norfolk on 9 November and, except for a brief underway period on 18 and 19 November, remained in port for the rest of 1976.